Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Belated New Years Resolution

Well it has pretty much been a year since my last post, after managing to get through the never ending mountains of uni work I got a 2:1!

Perhaps a little naive to think that was the easy part.....I certainly could not have been more wrong.  Spending the last months hunting for work, paid or unpaid while working obscene hours in the catering industry in the vain hope of saving to allow some financial freedom on a placement.  Despite this the job offers have not materialised.

The fear has hit home after burying my head in the sand and it's time to throw myself completely into reconnecting with architecture!...editing past portfolios doesn't count!

So i am now hunting for places round London for Forgotten Spaces 2011. I have no idea where to start but I intend to reconnect myself with this incredible city and with the architectural world!

I hope the next entry isn't to far away and I have so interesting locations around London to consider!! Especially as the deadline is May!

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